Edgar (Egg) Lowman

My name is Egg Lowman. I live and work in Sheffield

Starting as a young cartoonist, I was inspired just as much by Wallace & Gromit, Doctor Who, and Thunderbirds as I was by admiring illustrators like Ernest H Shepard, Quentin Blake, and Beatrix Potter. I’m most at home in a mix of cold gadgetry and cosy cloth-ed critters

Self portrait. 0.05p ink

My work comprises miniature watercolour figures with strokes of ink

It’s my ernest* wish to bring as much joy to those who see my paintings as I feel creating them. Please consider browsing my shop for such feelings of warmth and nostalgia, or send a telegram with the buttons below so we can capture the nu-20s feeling together

*sic. Pun intended

What’s your idea?

© Edgar Lowman 2021

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