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My work comprises watercolours with strokes of ink and fine pencil detailing. I take great care with my work to create unique pieces to treasure.

It’s my ernest* wish to bring as much joy to those who see my paintings as I feel creating them. Contact me with the buttons below so we can capture the nu-20s feeling together

Here are some examples of the paintings and illustrations I make. Find the email form below

*sic. Pun intended

Pet Portraits

Cats, dogs, rats, bunnies, dragons, younger brothers, parrots and all manner of pets make perfect sitters for portraits. Immortalise your family members in charming watercolour, or in striking ink illustration.

300gsm cold-pressed paper

Flat rates: A6 £40 | A5 £70

Spaniel Portrait A5. Watercolour, ink, pencils
Crosshatching cat. Fineline ink
Jack Russell. Watercolour, ink, brush
Avocadog. Watercolour, ink, pencil

Character Illustration

Fairies, RPG warriors, spider-people, sapient trees, cat dragons and all manner of other worldly beings

Bring your characters into the real world with a tangible, textured, watercolour portrait

300gsm cold-pressed paper

Flat rates: A6 £40 | A5 £70

Colin Dragon sketch. Watercolour, ink
Snowdrop Flower fairy. Watercolour, pencil
Colin Dragon. Shimmer watercolour, ink
Base sketch for book cover commission. Pencil
Brenda Dragon. Shimmer watercolour, ink

Portrait Miniatures

Commemorate a celebration, or preserve a likeness. My portraits are made with delicate attention to suit the ‘sitter,’ from crosshatched inks to paints and pencils.

300gsm cold-pressed paper

Flat rates: 3in² £30 | A6 £40

Matt. Watercolours, pencils.
Mabel. Fineline ink
David Tennant. Pencil
Nish Kumar. Watercolour
Edgar. Fineline ink

What are you thinking of?

© Edgar Lowman 2021

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