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Clothed Critters

Each of these 12 original paintings are named on my limited-run art print of English Wildlife, found on the shop page.

Painted in watercolour, defined in ink, each original character inhabits a two inch square, on 300gsm cold pressed FSC approved paper.

All of this set are hand-signed, and optionally framed in brass & glass to show their name and species.

£30 framed | £25 unframed

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Barrington Hatch
Frame Detail
Horatio Edam
House Mouse
“Threepence the Jump”
Martin P. Marten
Pine Marten
Albert Plod
Sedulous Brush
Red Squirrel
SOLD Felicity Curlew
Hilda (on holiday)
Eliza Down
Small Owl
Amelie Muntjac
Muntjac Deer
Barrington Hatch
Clarence Takeflight
Red Kite

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Is your favourite animal not here, or would you like to see one of these characters as part of a larger illustration? Perhaps your pet would look dashing in some quality tailoring

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Flower Fairies

Six unique flower fairy illustrations, watercolour and ink in miniature, measuring 2.5 inches square. These charming characters can be found on my spotters guide art print, visit the shop page to browse

Each is hand-signed and dated on the reverse

£30 framed | £25 unframed

inc UK postage. Enter the form below to purchase


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Fire Sprites

A triple set of paintings displaying the life cycle of a rural English fire sprite.

Unlike trickster fairies, fire sprites of this kind grant gifts and charms to kindhearted humans they may encounter.


Framed set inc UK postage. Enter form below to purchase

Pilot Kindling

1. Pilot Kindling

In its first mature footsteps, this sprite has constructed a conduit with a sap tip. Known for their playful nature, it was not uncommon for young sprites to visit the warm glow of cities as industry rose in the last centuries;

Stoking furnaces, igniting gas lamps, and taking refuge in the roaring coals beneath heavy kettles. These days it’s rare to see them anywhere built-up unless the village is particularly forgotten, sleepy

Whitesmoke Ember

2. Whitesmoke Ember

Fire sprites are considered a protective spirit at this stage of their life cycle, characterised by their ash-grey bodies and warm glowing extremities. Often employing a wand of wicker, or indeed a matchstick, to channel their charms.

It’s said that the ancient mage Recumbent Chats witnessed a Whitesmoke sprite singe the tailfeathers of a magpie, to prevent the theft of a charmed goblet it was guarding

Framed set

3. Ashen Elder

Unfortunately, the elder pictured here is nearing their end, only materialising to mortal eyes with the final dayglow of their last days. They have much wisdom to impart, and the potency of their magic is at its peak.

Discovering a sprite such as this is considered a dangerous omen to those who actively seek it out. ‘Absolutely’ they say

Ashen Elder

To see the illustrations in full detail, click through to the @Cardigan_Art instagram below.

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