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Edgar’s sketchbook

Good Morning. I’ll stick the kettle on

Traditional ink and watercolour artist from Sheffield, England. I specialise in storybook critters, pet portraits, and ink-penned oddities.

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Frost weapons and TARDIS console
A Cleric’s Collection print
Paddington 50p
Surrey Street Police Box
House Mouse bath

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My work comprises watercolours with strokes of ink and fine pencil detailing. I take great care with my work to create unique pieces to treasure.

Pet Portraits

Cats, dogs, rats, bunnies, dragons, younger brothers, parrots and all manner of pets make perfect sitters for portraits. Immortalise your family members in charming watercolour, or in striking ink illustration.

Spaniel Portrait A5. Watercolour, ink, pencils
Crosshatching cat. Fineline ink
Jack Russell. Watercolour, ink, brush
Avocadog. Watercolour, ink, pencil

Character Illustration

Fairies, RPG warriors, spider-people, sapient trees, cat dragons and all manner of other worldly beings

Bring your characters into the real world with a tangible, textured, watercolour portrait

Colin Dragon sketch. Watercolour, ink
Snowdrop Flower fairy. Watercolour, pencil
Colin Dragon. Shimmer watercolour, ink
Threepence the Jump & Horatio Edam. Watercolour, ink
Brenda Dragon. Shimmer watercolour, ink

Portrait Miniatures

Commemorate a celebration, or preserve a likeness. My portraits are made with delicate attention to suit the ‘sitter,’ from crosshatched inks to paints and pencils.

Matt. Watercolours, pencils.
Thistle fairy. Watercolour, ink.
David Tennant. Pencil
Nish Kumar. Watercolour
Edgar. Fineline ink
Jackson B. Baly
3 inch square
3 inch square


Commissions are open, let’s create something

Edgar (Egg) Lowman

My name is Egg Lowman. I live and work in Sheffield

Starting as a young cartoonist, I was inspired just as much by Wallace & Gromit, Doctor Who, and Thunderbirds as I was by admiring illustrators like Ernest H Shepard, Quentin Blake, and Beatrix Potter. I’m most at home in a mix of cold gadgetry and cosy cloth-ed critters

Self portrait. 0.05p ink

My work comprises miniature watercolour figures with strokes of ink

It’s my ernest* wish to bring as much joy to those who see my paintings as I feel creating them. Please consider browsing my shop for such feelings of warmth and nostalgia, or send a telegram with the buttons below so we can capture the nu-20s feeling together

*sic. Pun intended


All product prints, art prints, and original paintings are priced including free UK postage. Overseas tracked postage will be calculated after ordering, with packaging to ensure safest delivery.

While every effort is made to protect artwork for the post, if your piece is damaged please contact EMALowman@gmail.com within 7 days of reception to resolve the issue promptly. In the case of a limited edition art print, or original painting, some damage may be repairable or a refund provided.


Payment is made via PayPal for peace of mind and digital evidence of transaction.


Custom commissioned work is first discussed and outlined working directly with the buyer. Once a layout/concept sketch is agreed upon, and a deposit paid, the buyer is committed to paying the full arranged fee on completion.

An invoice will be written for the work undertaken, as evidence of the transaction and as promise of delivery

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